Rokko Island Eco Art Capsule 2016

The Eco Art Capsule, hosted by the Kobe Fashion Museum and Kobe Artists Museum, united the local children with the freedom to artistically express and experiment as well as an awareness of the endangered environment and enjoyable means of promoting eco-friendly behaviours. The free workshop booths allowed the children to make practical crafts such as bracelets made of recycled leather and fabric, terrariums made from recycled jars, and badges decorated with unused scraps of paper. The collaboration between various aged members of the local community was also complemented with performances by children’s entertainers, including an especially talented one-woman band.

This introduction of POW! WOW! Japan! in Kobe sets the tone for an educational and artistically interactive week for Canadian Academy packed with immersive workshops, musical performances, and multiple murals by both artists and students.





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