Moving Forward: a Feature on Kensuke Takahashi

On the fourth day of Pow! Wow! Japan, the campus of Canadian Academy was bustling with the work and artistic developments of Cinta Vidal, Luise Ono, PRIME of 808 Urban, Kensuke Takahashi and other artists.

An artist that has been generating quite some exciting within the campus is Kensuke Takahashi. His mural features a magnificent dragon constructed with striking tones of blues and greens, ranging from rich navy to dazzling emerald. Furthermore, the overarching theme of the connection between the natural world and mythology is ever present in his mural.


Takahashi began the mural in the North Western staircase with primary free hand outlines of the mythical dragon. Heads popped in and out throughout the first day as curious faces took in the stunning form of Takahashi’s mural.

Within the second day, Takahashi had progressed onto the contours of the subject’s face and had elaborated upon the backdrop of the mural. The horns had matured into robust tree trunks and accents of orange and purple stippled to create depth.


Today, on Takahashi’s third day of work upon his mural, he introduced a new element to the mural: the scholar reading in peace amongst the gentle beasts. One can assume the message behind the addition to the already elaborate piece, but a later interview with Takahashi will reveal his interpretation and goals.



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