First Light

Taken at dawn this morning, these images display the off-campus murals that are in the process of creation during Pow! Wow! Japan.

Found in the skatepark, the striking monochrome fowl rests upon the cardinal backdrop. The mural incorporates contrasting movements rippling to the left and right, which in turn creates dynamic movement on a 2-dimensional surface. The basic colours allow for the subject to be the emphasised and direct the audience’s attention to the intricate design. Mural at the skatepark by GRIND PENCIL .

The second mural, found in River Mall of Rokko Island, by the duo HITOTZUKI inadvertently performs as a contrast to the monochrome fowl. Fluid movements are reflected in both murals. However, the work of HITOTZUKI employs vibrant shades of blue that imply both a sense of calm and vibrancy. The superficially juxtaposing tones are fluently fused with HITOTZUKI’s use of “dynamic flowing curves” and “strong and flamboyant symmetric motifs” to introduce an invigorating youthfulness that reflects both the street art duo and life in Kobe.

The two murals, although different in size, express similar messages and themes of vibrancy through alternative imagery. Photographs cannot truly capture the life that resonates within these murals; to fully experience and appreciate the pieces, visit the skatepark and River mall.

INSTAGRAM @grindpencil @htzk



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