Another Year Complete

Yesterday was the closing event of Pow! Wow! 2017. Talents from many different fields were represented in yesterday’s performance, from a live artist to a break dancer. Yesterday was a showcase of some of the artistic culture in Kobe, demonstrating the amazing talent and creativity of people. The variety of music that was performed caused chills as people listened in awe to everything from classical piano to rap.

As the week comes to a close, Pow Wow has left Kobe a better, more colorful place. The art and music left a footprint on the city both physically and in the memories of all of the people who had the opportunity to participate in this unique event.

Remember to check out all of the finished artworks using this powowo map

Until a future date, Pow! Wow! is leaving Japan. What Pow! Wow! has left for our community, however, will remain. Pow! Wow! has beautified, improved, and inspired the city of Kobe to continue to observe and create beauty and art in the world around us. Until next year.


finishing and performing

NOTICE: due to the rain forecasted, the event scheduled for tomorrow has changed location to the Ten Ten!! building near Harbor Studio.

As Pow! Wow! japan comes to a close for 2017, artists and musicians alike are preparing for the closing event on Saturday and finishing up with their artwork. here are some pictures of the progress around Sannomiya. 

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These pictures simply do not do justice to the artwork in real life. all of the artists have done amazing jobs beautifying the city of Kobe and contributing to an event like POW! WOW! which aims to bring the community together.

Also, anticipate an amazing performance tomorrow by Pow! Wow! school of music and other special guests at the Ten Ten building.

Musical expression

Along with the visual art aspect of Pow! Wow! there is also a musical aspect. At Canadian Academy international school, a program is occurring where professional musicians are assisting and guiding select students in writing their own music and exploring the possibilities of creating sound. This is a great opportunity for these students as they explore their passions and talents while developing new techniques and strategies towards creating better music.


The Pow! Wow! school of music students are also preparing for multiple performances at the end of this week. On Saturday, the students perform their debut concert for two live performances at both 2 and 5 O’clock at the Pow! Wow! closing event in Meriken Park. The closing event goes from 11 AM to 6 PM.

These two performances will be great opportunities for the students to demonstrate their musical abilities, and for the community to come together and enjoy music.

Similar to the way that each artist is different, each student and teacher has a different musical expertise and philosophy towards music. Ranging from modern hip-hop to classical violin, the collaboration of musical diversity in the CA design classroom is astounding! It will be interesting to hear what these students come up with in order to combine all of their diverse talents into a collaborative musical performance.

looking closer

As artists continued to work the day away today, it became even more evident how their techniques and styles are as diverse as their identities. One artist with a wonderfully unique style is Defer (@deferk2s).  Defer uses both line and shape in order to create large perplexing caligraphic tangles of line and color. His style has a distinct appearance that brings gothic text to mind while at the same time forming contemporary patterns.


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Defer is also able to create these patterns very quickly. Within the past two days, Defer has gone from a huge blank wall to a wall filled with intricate lines and patterns. While Defer has not yet finished his work, he has made leaps and bounds in that direction. In just one day, Defer was able to cover more than half of the wall in detailed patterns of paint.

Another artist with both amazing talent and unique style is YOHEYY (@Yoheyy). YOHEYY is creating a beautiful mural in Meriken park which combines a stunning photorealistic portrait of a woman with a vibrant surrealistic scene. Both elements of the painting interact in a way that creates both contrast and unity between the woman and the scene. YOHEYY is able to masterfully combine imaginative surreal elements with more traditional portrait painting. While the context behind this piece cannot be confirmed yet one presumption could be that this mural juxtaposes dreams and reality as being both separated and intertwined.


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As artists continue to work, make sure you come out and witness the creative process firsthand if you can.  All of the murals simply cannot be represented in their full magnificence through photos.

artist from Ig tag Mural
Slick California @og_slick room4 Building SLICK Mural
Defer California @deferk2s Harbor Studio West Defer Mural
Mr. Ogay Taiwan @mrogay KITAKUBO House MR. OGAY Mural
OneQ Kumamoto, Japan @negiyakisoba Harbor Studio North ONEQ Mural
CAB Osaka, Japan @cab_is_ Harbor Dockside Cafe CAB Mural
YOHEYY Osaka, Japan @Yoheyy Meriken Park Building Yoheyy Mural
Cook One Osaka, Japan @cookdissizit Pier 1 Cook One Mural
Whole 9 Hitch Kobe,Japan @hitch_w9 Center Plaza Whole9 Mural
Whole 9 Simo Osaka, Japan @simo_w9 Center Plaza Whole9 Mural
Bad Hands HIROSHI Kobe,Japan @hiroshi_irezumi KINGSX  BAD HANDS MURAL
Bad Hands KIWAMU Kobe,Japan @kiwamutattoo KINGSX  BAD HANDS MURAL
Bad Hands CICCI Kobe,Japan @452cicci KINGSX  BAD HANDS MURAL
Ahhi Choi Kobe,Japan @ahhi_choi Harbor Studio interior
KAC Osaka, Japan @KAC_one Harbor studio south



Preparation and Progress

As Pow! Wow! Japan 2017 begins, artists ranging from local to international are beginning to paint murals throughout the Sannomiya/Harbor Land area.  While many artists such as YOHEYY (@Yoheyy) and Cook One (@cookdissizit) have prepared and projected their ideas onto walls in order to paint, others such as Mr. Ogay (@mrogay) and Defer (@deferk2s) have begun to paint on their walls without exact reference. This only begins to illustrate the incredible diversity of artistic styles, processes, and talents that are being brought to the table in order to beautify the city of Kobe.

Throughout the weekend, artists, coordinators, and volunteers alike began to prepare for the week ahead. Paint was moved and distributed, equipment was gathered, and merchandise was inventoried. All of these preparations were made in order to ensure that the week ahead is efficiently executed in a way that allows artists to display their best work.

Artists then began to prepare their murals with projections and outlines. These steps are essential to many artists, allowing them to envision the finished result, and refrain from making unnecessary mistakes.

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After preparing, artists begin to render their final piece. This process can be very different depending on the artist. Some will use spray paint while others may prefer to use a brush. Many will even combine both mediums in their artwork.

It’s remarkable how quickly the artists work!  Over the past two days, all of the artists have made significant progress with their artwork, and have created breathtaking first steps towards completion.

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Anticipate fast progress in the coming days as these artists continue to work towards completion of their pieces.

Visit any of the murals and experience them for yourself!new powowo map