Preparation and Progress

As Pow! Wow! Japan 2017 begins, artists ranging from local to international are beginning to paint murals throughout the Sannomiya/Harbor Land area.  While many artists such as YOHEYY (@Yoheyy) and Cook One (@cookdissizit) have prepared and projected their ideas onto walls in order to paint, others such as Mr. Ogay (@mrogay) and Defer (@deferk2s) have begun to paint on their walls without exact reference. This only begins to illustrate the incredible diversity of artistic styles, processes, and talents that are being brought to the table in order to beautify the city of Kobe.

Throughout the weekend, artists, coordinators, and volunteers alike began to prepare for the week ahead. Paint was moved and distributed, equipment was gathered, and merchandise was inventoried. All of these preparations were made in order to ensure that the week ahead is efficiently executed in a way that allows artists to display their best work.

Artists then began to prepare their murals with projections and outlines. These steps are essential to many artists, allowing them to envision the finished result, and refrain from making unnecessary mistakes.

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After preparing, artists begin to render their final piece. This process can be very different depending on the artist. Some will use spray paint while others may prefer to use a brush. Many will even combine both mediums in their artwork.

It’s remarkable how quickly the artists work!  Over the past two days, all of the artists have made significant progress with their artwork, and have created breathtaking first steps towards completion.

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Anticipate fast progress in the coming days as these artists continue to work towards completion of their pieces.

Visit any of the murals and experience them for yourself!new powowo map







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