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As artists continued to work the day away today, it became even more evident how their techniques and styles are as diverse as their identities. One artist with a wonderfully unique style is Defer (@deferk2s).  Defer uses both line and shape in order to create large perplexing caligraphic tangles of line and color. His style has a distinct appearance that brings gothic text to mind while at the same time forming contemporary patterns.


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Defer is also able to create these patterns very quickly. Within the past two days, Defer has gone from a huge blank wall to a wall filled with intricate lines and patterns. While Defer has not yet finished his work, he has made leaps and bounds in that direction. In just one day, Defer was able to cover more than half of the wall in detailed patterns of paint.

Another artist with both amazing talent and unique style is YOHEYY (@Yoheyy). YOHEYY is creating a beautiful mural in Meriken park which combines a stunning photorealistic portrait of a woman with a vibrant surrealistic scene. Both elements of the painting interact in a way that creates both contrast and unity between the woman and the scene. YOHEYY is able to masterfully combine imaginative surreal elements with more traditional portrait painting. While the context behind this piece cannot be confirmed yet one presumption could be that this mural juxtaposes dreams and reality as being both separated and intertwined.


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As artists continue to work, make sure you come out and witness the creative process firsthand if you can.  All of the murals simply cannot be represented in their full magnificence through photos.

artist from Ig tag Mural
Slick California @og_slick room4 Building SLICK Mural
Defer California @deferk2s Harbor Studio West Defer Mural
Mr. Ogay Taiwan @mrogay KITAKUBO House MR. OGAY Mural
OneQ Kumamoto, Japan @negiyakisoba Harbor Studio North ONEQ Mural
CAB Osaka, Japan @cab_is_ Harbor Dockside Cafe CAB Mural
YOHEYY Osaka, Japan @Yoheyy Meriken Park Building Yoheyy Mural
Cook One Osaka, Japan @cookdissizit Pier 1 Cook One Mural
Whole 9 Hitch Kobe,Japan @hitch_w9 Center Plaza Whole9 Mural
Whole 9 Simo Osaka, Japan @simo_w9 Center Plaza Whole9 Mural
Bad Hands HIROSHI Kobe,Japan @hiroshi_irezumi KINGSX  BAD HANDS MURAL
Bad Hands KIWAMU Kobe,Japan @kiwamutattoo KINGSX  BAD HANDS MURAL
Bad Hands CICCI Kobe,Japan @452cicci KINGSX  BAD HANDS MURAL
Ahhi Choi Kobe,Japan @ahhi_choi Harbor Studio interior
KAC Osaka, Japan @KAC_one Harbor studio south






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