Musical expression

Along with the visual art aspect of Pow! Wow! there is also a musical aspect. At Canadian Academy international school, a program is occurring where professional musicians are assisting and guiding select students in writing their own music and exploring the possibilities of creating sound. This is a great opportunity for these students as they explore their passions and talents while developing new techniques and strategies towards creating better music.


The Pow! Wow! school of music students are also preparing for multiple performances at the end of this week. On Saturday, the students perform their debut concert for two live performances at both 2 and 5 O’clock at the Pow! Wow! closing event in Meriken Park. The closing event goes from 11 AM to 6 PM.

These two performances will be great opportunities for the students to demonstrate their musical abilities, and for the community to come together and enjoy music.

Similar to the way that each artist is different, each student and teacher has a different musical expertise and philosophy towards music. Ranging from modern hip-hop to classical violin, the collaboration of musical diversity in the CA design classroom is astounding! It will be interesting to hear what these students come up with in order to combine all of their diverse talents into a collaborative musical performance.



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