Another Year Complete

Yesterday was the closing event of Pow! Wow! 2017. Talents from many different fields were represented in yesterday’s performance, from a live artist to a break dancer. Yesterday was a showcase of some of the artistic culture in Kobe, demonstrating the amazing talent and creativity of people. The variety of music that was performed caused chills as people listened in awe to everything from classical piano to rap.

As the week comes to a close, Pow Wow has left Kobe a better, more colorful place. The art and music left a footprint on the city both physically and in the memories of all of the people who had the opportunity to participate in this unique event.

Remember to check out all of the finished artworks using this powowo map

Until a future date, Pow! Wow! is leaving Japan. What Pow! Wow! has left for our community, however, will remain. Pow! Wow! has beautified, improved, and inspired the city of Kobe to continue to observe and create beauty and art in the world around us. Until next year.



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