Persue (pronounced “per-SWAY”) is a west coast graffiti and skateboarding pioneer. His design resume pre-dates almost any example of street aesthetics being paired with the skateboarding industry, making his earliest designs the catalyst that created modern day youth culture as we know it. Much of his work is in plain sight and yet his name is rarely attached to it.

However his skill and evident talent in the realm of painting characters and letters–legally or
 otherwise–put him in the spotlight and he quickly became a household name in the worldwide graffiti community.

Persue eventually started a project for fun that would inadvertently become a phenomenon all its own: Bunny Kitty. His most ambitious and [beloved/coveted] creation to date, Bunny Kitty is a whole world unto itself. Persue has spent the last few years fleshing Bunny Kitty’s universe out, whether it is by taking the characters to the street level with elaborate and colorful murals that he has painted the world over, or bringing her to life through plush toys, apparel, and children’s books.

Anyone who knows him can tell you that Persue’s artwork is a reflection of his personality. His animated and fun-loving demeanor, as well as an intense imaginative way of looking at the world around him, are the building blocks of his work. As a traditionalist, he paints on the streets, but has more recently meshed that background with a rough-edged illustration style to create works for galleries.