Cinta Vidal: Playing with Gravity

Cinta Vidal’s main philosophy towards art is quite simple: to have fun. It’s very straightforward and honest to everyone’s most basic desire, the desire to enjoy their lives.

However, the amusing bodies that are captured by Vidal are not only entertaining, especially whilst humouring the possibility of their existence, but they send one of Vidal’s central message. We live together in the same world but observe and experience our environment and lives  in various ways. Contorting gravity allows us to look into the world of Cinta Vidal and lets us reflect upon the way we, as both individuals and communities, perceive our world.

Vidal’s philosophy and theme were both the essential factors that attracted her to Pow! Wow! Japan. The festival, amongst the various others Vidal has partaken in, gives her the opportunity to collaborate, experiment, and share ideas with other artists. To Vidal, Pow! Wow! Long Beach assembled a wider selection of street artists in a larger stretch of artistic space whilst Pow! Wow! Japan has introduced the artists to a relaxed, intimate environment in which they could not only contribute but also both learn and teach in an educational environment. The aforementioned atmosphere has been manifested by Vidal’s signature use of warm, non-saturated colours that project her desired ambience of calm and “non-aggressive”.

Art has been a part of Vidal’s life prior to her memory. Following her passion, Vidal entered the field of scenography where she worked in collaboration with other artists to paint assigned designs. Vidal is still relatively fresh to the street art scene, having spent only approximately one and a half year on her independent artwork. Vidal took her vigour for art and followed through with the suggestion of street art by her friend. Her enthusiasm and artistic talent, in both creativity and articulate expression, make her an invaluable artist to this year’s collection of Pow! Wow! participants.

With much more to express about her artwork and many thoughts to share, Vidal is an artist to observe and talk to, with respects to her artistic process. Visit the second-floor atrium to watch Vidal in action.



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